Quote of the Month - December

There are two people in every photograph: the photographer and the viewer. - Ansel Adams

Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 303

Jeanine - "Happy Halloween"

Where were downloadable jack-o-lantern templates when I was a kid...ha!  What fun we had creating creating these masterpieces today...Angry Bird (em) and Surprised Kitty (me).  Happy Halloween everyone!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 302

Jeanine - "i still believe"

After working most of the weekend on scrapbook layouts, I spent some time today creating Christmas cards.  I bought the "i still believe" stamp at the retreat and a friend showed me how to emboss the cards with a tool called a CuttleBug.  Maybe Santa will bring me one for Christmas.  i still believe...

Day 301

Jeanine - "Ambience"

I promised my girlfriend's I wouldn't post any pictures of them from the weekend...so I spent some time capturing the ambience of the place.  The room at Oakwood Inn held 70 scrapbookers and all our stuff.  It is a beautiful room with chandeliers, a stone fireplace and huge windows that let in the sunshine we had each day.  It was a gorgeous room and a gorgeous weekend...and some of our layouts turned out gorgeous too!

Day 300

Jeanine - "Candy Corn Love"

Love Candy Corn.  Love Scrapbooking.  Love Weekend Getaways with Girlfriends.  Love Doing this Blog.  Only 65 more days to go!!

Day 299

Jeanine - "Stocking Up"

One more sleep until my weekend getaway with girlfriends.  We are headed to Oakwood Inn in GrandBend for a scrapbook retreat.  Found myself at Shopper's Drug Mart tonight stocking up on the food essentials for the weekend - namely - CANDY!  Forgot the wine - sorry Gillian.  Counting the minutes...

Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 298

Jeanine - "Back in the Day"

I travelled to Oshawa today to give a lecture to a group of police officers.  I lived in Oshawa from 1980 to 1987 - so I decided to take the opportunity to take some photos of places that influenced my life back in the day.  My dad was the minister at Hillsdale Wesleyan Church (top photo) and we lived in the parsonage right next door.  The youth group at this church comprised my circle of friends.

I attended O'Neill Collegiate and Vocational Institute (second photo) from grade 10 thru grade 13  -- graduating in 1984.  It was here that I took a law class in grade 12 and decided to become a lawyer.

The first lawyer I ever worked for was Joe Neal.  He took a chance on me when I was still in undergrad and provided me with the opportunity to figure out if the practice of law was for me.  It was in this building (third photo) that I figured out I could do this law thing.  I will be forever grateful to him for that.  OK that - and the car he loaned me while I worked for him - awesome!  BTW - check out Big Huge Labs online for all the wonderful things you can do with photos - like creating this combo.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 297

Jeanine - "Fall Colours"

I like living in a four season climate.  I love the hibernation of winter, the zest of spring, the laziness of summer and the colours of fall.  In addition to the colour, I was attracted to the strong lines in this shot found in the downspout, the bricks and the ivy.  This is on our neighbours house...taken from our back yard.

Day 296

Jeanine - "Totally Rad"

I spent a couple of hours tonight playing with some of my photos getting ready for a girl's scrapbook weekend this Friday.  My new favourite processing toy is Rad Lab.  All you have to do is import your photo via photoshop (on the left side of the screen) and the program shows you dozens of options for "recipes" you can apply to your photo that affect the light, colour, and texture of the photo (on the right side of the screen) - it is so much fun!!!  Totally Rad is the name of the company that makes Rad Lab.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 295

Jeanine - "Whimsy"

One of my class prompts this week was to find unexpected enchantment.  Well, that was a tough one for me...I looked around my house and my office and couldn't really find anything whimsical or enchanting.    It wasn't until I got to the trailer that I spotted this adorable egg cup.  The funeral of a fun-loving friend this afternoon has "egged" me on to find and put more whimsy in my life.

Day 294

Jeanine - "Heavenly Light"

I think one of the reasons I am drawn to photography is light...and how it enhances an image, a face and our world.  There are moments when the light seems straight from heaven...as though God is there.  I get lost in those moments...I fall behind the others out for a walk with me through the woods...I take lots of shots trying to capture the feeling...the mood...the presence of God.  It is a good reminder that God is watching us...from a distance...and I like to think... so are those who have gone to be with him.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 293

Jeanine - "I Believe In Kindness"

Lost a big case today.  Bummer.  Stopped in at Tim Horton's afterwards for a pick-me-up coffee and bagel.  The woman behind the counter thanked me for being so polite.  She said, "you wouldn't believe how many crabby people come in here."  She got me thinking about today's prompt in my photography class -- "serving up kindness".  I came home and made this little card to remind us to be kind to everyone we meet...you never know...they may be having a rough day too.  BE KIND!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 292

Jeanine - "Air Plant"

I tend to kill house and office plants but this one is indestructible.  It isn't planted in dirt...it literally sits atop some pretty rocks in a vase and grows - it doesn't even really have roots.  It is the weirdest thing but I love it.  You only water it every so often too!  I played around with the lighting and saturation here to enhance the graphic lines of the top of the plant.

Day 291

Jeanine - "Free as a Bird"

I took this shot on my way home from the jail today.  I used to visit my clients at the jail every sunday before church.  I don't go very often anymore, but it is still the thing I like least about my job.  It is a depressing place.  Although I've been there hundreds of times, I can't imagine what it would be like having my freedom restricted.  I enjoy being free as a bird...and contemplating going south this winter.  

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 290

Jeanine - "The World Beyond My Front Door"

Two of the many things I love about our home -- the spacious entry way and the amount of light that is everywhere inside the house.  I took this shot today to reflect that, but also cuz this year especially - as I've tried to work less and spend more time at home - I have come to see it as a calm, comfortable and creative space that removes me from and protects me from the world of work beyond my front door.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 289

Emily - To kick off the food theme for today (drumroll) I took a picture of the empty baking sheet my mom uses to make her favourite bread :) Its basically a slice of a baguette then oil and sea salt toasted but boy is it delicious. Anyways she sprinkles the salt everywhere so these are the leftovers...

Jeanine - "Pumpkin Cake"

Got the recipe from a "classmate" in my online photography classes.  It is so good!  I will make it again and again.  I see now why they say photographing food is hard...very hard indeed.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 288

Emily - So I'm so excited for the next few holidays. I love this time of year when it starts to get cold but its not really cold quite yet. So I tried to find a picture that represented that and with the little pumpkins my mom bought and the warmth of the candle I hope it does that pretty well.

Jeanine - "Juxtaposed"

Real pumpkin.  Twig pumpkin.  Our bricks.  Processing via Rad Lab - my new favourite thing.  Texture added too and then erased from the real pumpkin.  Google "Totally Rad" and check out the Rad Lab stuff you can do to a photo - so awesome!
You can download a 30-day trial for free!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 287

Jeanine - "Words to Live By"

I spent most of the afternoon in the kitchen cooking  a meal to deliver to the family of a friend who is hospitalized and who needs a miracle.  Every time I opened the fridge door I saw this reminder to live the life you've imagined...starting today...because life is short.

PS - thanks to Heather for picking this month's quote...and for washing our windows today with Em.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 286

Jeanine - "Union Station"

Travelled by train today to a conference in Toronto...Women In Litigation.  It was both practical and inspirational.  I am proud to be a litigator.  Prouder still to do it all in high heels - ha!

DAY 285

Emily - Well thats it, the actual official end to footloose. The last party the grand hosted for all of us. This is only a very small portion of us all, only 25 of the cast and 4 production staff... It was so much fun and it was such a good experience and is totally going on my resume, haha!

Jeanine - "Four Eyes"

I got new glasses today.  I was inspired to do so by Em getting her first pair of glasses...they look great on her.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 284

Emily - "Helping Hand"

(Kinda weird I'm naming my photos...

Emily - Today, Heather and I went to a church with our youth group to make food for the salvation army. We made 7 giant casseroles filled with cheese, meat and veggies. It was actually a lot of fun. I got too wear gloves and stick my hands in to stir it all around it was really gross :p

Jeanine - "Time Out"

My photography class prompt today was all about taking time out to play.  All day long I thought about coming home and taking some time to create in my art journal.  I used to love to colour as a kid.  Alas, I let end of the day inertia take over and I only got out my watercolour crayons to snap this photo - after 11 pm.  Why do we do that?  Why do we "waste" time in front of the TV when we could be doing something we really enjoy?  Yes - taking the time to hang out with the ones we love while watching TV is important and good - probably not even a waste - but so is doing something with the time we are given at the end of the day...or anytime of the day for that matter.  Tonight a friend lies in hospital and we don't know what time he has left or how his time will be spent in the future if the recovery we pray for happens...it is a vivid reminder to spend our time not only with our loved ones but doing things we love to do.  Life - like childhood - is a short season.

Day 283

Emily - An eery feeling with this photo. I love full moons, well actually I love moons in general, anyways can't wait for halloween, one of my favourite holidays, even though we're not celebrating anything. HA!

Jeanine - "Mastering Manual Mode"

One of my goals for this blog this year was to use it to master Manual Mode on my camera.  Obviously I'm not there yet.  This was one of my attempts to capture falling leaves...ok, leaves thrown by Em.  I've still got a long way to go!  But as they say...practice makes perfect.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 282

Emily - "Doggy Heaven"

Once again happy thanksgiving. Had another thanksgiving dinner, first one with the new member of our family.

Jeanine - "Good Eyes"

We went for a trek through Warbler Woods this evening.  Me with my camera and Ian with his binoculars.  He spotted the two deer first.  They are so well camouflaged at this time of year.  A beautiful end to a perfect weekend.

Day 281

Emily - Happy thanksgiving to all :) I couldn't believe how warm it was today, I was actually sweating... Crazy! So here's my favourite flower which I couldn't believe was still in bloom considering it was october 10th :)

Jeanine - "Happy Thanksgiving"

So much to be thankful for today...not the least of which is this unbelievably warm weather.  What a glorious long weekend.  Happy Canadian Thankgiving Everyone!

Day 280

Emily - A little creepy but I love this photo. My mom and I went for a walk today, taking so many photos, its a lot of fun to do nothing on a nice day but take photos of whatever.

Jeanine - "Joy"

Em and I went for a walk on the beach this morning (Saturday).  The weather was glorious.  We took tons of photos and even stopped to play on the swings.  I love this shot because of the sheer joy expressed on her face.  We then packed a picnic lunch and spent the afternoon on the beach too.  Wearing sunscreen in October...whoda thunkit?

Day 279

Emily - Just a little obsessed... Yeah so I love playing monopoly at mcdonalds, it's not that I eat a mcdonalds a lot but my dad usually stops there to get a diet coke so I get his stickers :)

Jeanine - "Stuck"

The prompt today was all about shooting fallen leaves.  I love shuffling through and kicking up fallen leaves while walking along the sidewalk.  I thought this little guy was cute ... stuck under the side door mat.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 278

Jeanine - "Election Day"

Hope ya voted!!

This was the sign outside our polling place.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 277

Jeanine - "Thank you"

Two simple words.

Today they had the power to restore my soul just enough.

More and more lately I feel myself getting tired of the fight...feeling like I want out of the ring.  It is harder and harder to get up for the next round, but it is difficult to know what to do next.

Tonight, after a particularly frustrating day in court, I found this card and letter from the mother of a client waiting for me back at the office.  It is dated almost a month ago - but it arrived today.  I needed it today.  I needed to be reminded that there is a reason I do what I do for a living.

I am reminded of an epitaph worth living up to ..."she used the gifts God gave her."  That is what we ought to be doing...everyday.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 277

Emily - These are the cool photos of old cameras we have above our computer, they're pretty neat. I'm not sure where they're from though : /

Jeanine - "Morning Dew"

Love love love a macro lens.  These are dew-laden blades of grass bathed in gorgeous morning light found next to the driveway this morning on my way to the car before work.  The lawn just sparkled this morning.  There is so much beauty all around us all the time...we just need to be looking for it.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 276

Emily - Since the weather got cold I've started to think about the holidays. I love the holidays a lot! So I thought I'd take a picture of the warmth of the candle and to represent how excited I am!

Jeanine - "Hanging Tough"

So today we celebrated the birthdays of four of the seven women in our office over a long lunch at Auberge de Petite Prince.  All four have birthday's this week.  But did I think to take a picture of all of us together?  Sadly, no.  Guess we were having too much fun.  So you are stuck looking at the photo I took for today's prompt in the Picture Fall class -- Beauty Challenge -- we were tasked with trying to photograph something that others would normally overlook...to find beauty in the retreating season.  This is part of a dying clematis vine in the back yard.  I still wish I was sharing a picture of all the wonderful women I work with everyday.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 275

Emily - So I'm sure you've seen lots of this but this is really it because this was the closing and I just wanted to say that even though this might be conceited I'm really proud of myself and love that I got my own plaque.                                    

Jeanine - "Quintessential Fall"

I'm using a daily prompt for the month long Picture Fall class that started yesterday.  Found these leaves on the flagstone path at the side of our house.  Can't believe how chilly it is today!  Bbbrrr!!  Praying for a warm Thanksgiving.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 274

Emily - We went out for dinner for my best friends sweet sixteen, then we slept over. It was really fun and I'm glad I got to go. Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

Jeanine - "Fall Colours"

At this time of year, the fall colours aren't just found on trees...they are found on vines, weeds and grasses that line the highway.  They make being stuck in construction traffic a much more pleasant experience. Thank you to the semi truck driver who drove slowly so as not to block my view when he saw my camera sticking out of the window.

Day 273

Emily - Cake boss night at youth group. My friends and I made a pac man game. And we won! Wahoo!

Jeanine - "Tunnel Vision"

Stayed at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto Friday night after dancing the night away at a police gala.  The hallway seemed to stretch on forever.  I thought there was a mirror at the midpoint just reflecting everything back...but no...it keeps going and going and going...