Quote of the Month - December

There are two people in every photograph: the photographer and the viewer. - Ansel Adams

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 90

Emily - Second night and I'm already really tired! Oh my this is going to be a long week. This is my favourite marquee in the world! Oh how I love Original Kids!

Jeanine - "Sushi Feast"

Another shot for my upcoming photography class...my favourite food...bbq eel sushi.  Yummy!  I had lunch with my assistant, Melissa, today.  We've always enjoyed sushi together.  If you haven't tried Gozen restaurant on Queen Street in London yet - you really should.  Their shrimp tempura is the best anywhere!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 89

Emily - Opening night! One of the most scariest and exciting nights. If you live in London you should consider seeing this show, it's actually really good and hilarious. It's on Thursday-Sunday at 7 each night and also at 2 on the weekend. It's at the Spriet family theatre in the Covent garden market. Hope you can come!

Jeanine -

For another class I'm about to start (Great Pictures with Any Camera at Big Picture Classes) I had to take a picture of a favourite object.  This frame made from coloured pencils is one of my favourite things.  I haven't even put a photo in it yet cuz I like what it says...drawn together.  For me it signifies my new love of creating with stamps and coloured pencils and my relationship with the women I escape to create with...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 88

Emily - I had my dress rehearsal today, it was very long and tiring (as you can see from the picture below >:l) As I walked backstage all I could smell was the large aroma of makeup and hairspray. It just reminds me that our show is about to begin :)

Jeanine - "Sleeping Beauty"

It is performance week for Emily's Original Kids Show -- The Drowsy Chaperone.  Two long dress rehearsals and eight shows this week.  She's already tired!  She came home from school today and promptly fell asleep.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 87

Emily - Tried to work on this weeks prompy, unfortunately I forgot to get rid of the lotion bottle in the background... oh well :)

Jeanine - "Flower's From A Friend"

I'm not sure she knew the tulip is my favourite flower, but the surprise at my door today (a thank you gift from a dear friend) was perfect.  Perfectly timed too - needed a shot of spring today...feeling under the weather and also beaten by the never ending winter weather...so thanks right back!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 86

Emily -  Photo won't rotate so you'll have to tilt your heads. I love the dramatic shadow on this photo. It's my necklace holder in my new room :)

Jeanine - "One Degree"

On the way to church today I noticed this amazing thermometer for the first time.  It is in front of one of my favourite buildings in London - the London Life Building.  When I first moved to London, the law firm I worked for (Cohen Highley Vogel and Dawson) was housed in this building.  The cornerstone date is 1926 so I went for an "antique"look in processing.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 85

Jeanine - "It's a Date!"

I have always liked the minimalism of this calendar on the wall in a local bank.  Today is Saturday and I shot this doing a bunch of errands with Ian.  I asked for permission first.  They said they couldn't stop me from taking a photograph but asked that I not include anything else in the shot.  I hadn't planned on it anyway.

Emily - My beautiful chandelier in my room, I love how it almost looks like a torch in a scary room, this picture kind of gives me chills.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 84

Emily - K, I promise that this will be the last snow photo for a while, but I've really been looking at nature recently and how beautiful it is and there's so much I  want to capture.
I thought it was cute that I took a picture of this nest earlier this year when there was no snow and now it has a huge mound on top of it. Made me smile :)

Jeanine - "Mi Casa"

Surprise development of free time this morning allowed me to sleep in (although my internal clock had other ideas) and spend some time at home this morning.  I love being here in the quiet of the morning light...with a cup of coffee...and time to enjoy it all.  This is a Willow Tree figurine.

Day 83

Emily - I've been really obsessed with the snow fall lately, It's just made everything so beautiful again (even though it means spring isn't happening anytime soon). I have always loved the beauty of white on evergreen, I think it's just the perfect combination of colour. I guess God knew what he was doing :)

Jeanine - "To Infinity and Beyond"

I spent 6 hours on the road yesterday travelling to and from Owen Sound for a trial.  This was shot on my way home for my online photography class - spent the drive looking for repetition on the diagonal.  Searching for a photo is a nice way to pass the time on a long drive.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 82

Emily - Really? On March 23? We get this much snow? Really? Not cool.

Jeanine - "Favourite Room"

This is my favourite room in our house - the living room... the reading room...shot at night when it looks coziest.  Believe it or not the walls and furniture are green.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 81

Emily - After school today some of my friends came over to help my mom put together party bags for her fundraiser she's helping out with on thursday. There were three hundred bags and 15 things of 300. My goodness our basement was messy.

Jeanine - "Book Club Stack"

I've been wanting to document my book club in a photo for some time now - especially since I got a Kindle and don't buy "real" books anymore.  The one on the bottom is The Gargoyle - a very interesting read.

Day 80

Emily - On my first day back in london I saw the buds on trees and the greeness of ever greens and most importantly... the lack of snow! Wahoo!

Jeanine - "Wind Chime No. 3"

I warned you I have a thing for wind chimes.  This is my new glass one from Mexico shot from below.  I eliminated the strings in processing.  I like the way it looks like the hearts are falling from the night sky.

Day 79

Jeanine - "Travel Time"  Spent the day travelling through 3 airports to get Home Sweet Home.
Emily - It was a long trip home.

Day 78

Jeanine - "On Deck for a Cure"   completed a 5K walk on the ship to raise money for breast cancer research...what a great idea!

Emily - At Disney's Hollywood Studios we went through a ride called "The Magic Of Disney Animation". At the end of the little show their were rooms showcasing sketch's from Disney movies they were currently working on. This, obviously, is from the new Winnie The Pooh movie.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 77

Jeanine - "Smokestack"

I loved the string of lights hanging from the smokestack on the ship - no idea why - I just did.  I tried to make this look a little old fashioned in the processing.

Emily - Met my idol (winnie the pooh) in Magic Kingdom. Oh I also ate dinner with Mickey Mouse. That's a pretty awesome day if I do say so myself.

Day 76

Jeanine - "Stateroom View"

We enjoyed the verandah in the late afternoon before dinner.  It was a nice place to escape the heat of the sun and read, nap or have a drink.

Emily - Went to Epcot before the park opens to have breakfast with princesses in Norway (Don't hear that everyday). There was lots of fog just as the sun was rising and the flower and garden festival was going on as well so all in all the perfect recipe for a perfect shot.

Day 75

Emily - Went to Animal Kingdom for the day. Probably one of the most interesting animals I've ever seen. I don't know what the name of it is but I would call it the quilt bird because it looks like different patches of feathers and fabrics attached to it.

Jeanine - "Hump Day"

One of my favourite things on the ship was the carpet on the elevator floors changed each day so we would know what day it was...what a great idea.

Day 74

Jeanine - "Floral Vignette"

I took this shot in Grand Turk.  I liked the contrast of the purple flowers against the orange wall.

Emily - The classic shot of the castle, such a beauty. Woke up at 5:30 took two flights but we finally made it to Disney! Went to Magic Kingdom for the afternoon and evening and did a little bit there. It was so cool to be back at Disney after so many years, I had forgotten a lot.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 73

Jeanine - "

I read an article on the ship about trying to have a foreground, middle ground and background in every photo.  This was the result.

Emily - Packing today, I'm so excited to be going somewhere warm! And because I'm going somewhere warm I need to break out my summer bracelets!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 72

Jeanine - "Bon Voyage"

Waiting at the Fort Lauderdale Airport to board the bus that will take us to the cruise ship.

Emily -  To continue with my theme from yesterday, I had a photo shoot with minnie mouse :) She is probably one of my favourite disney characters (except for winnie the pooh of course) I'm so excited for my trip! Just one more day!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 71

Jeanine - "Camera Crazy"

I am still 3 months away from a new camera.  I currently have my eye on the Canon t3i - a digital SLR.  I can't wait to learn about and play with all the functions and lenses.  My pre-ocupation with all-things-photography has brought me an appreciation of what cameras can do.  I even think this old Polaroid is cool.  I would love to get a new one for instant fun shots!

Emily - To continue with this weeks prompt and because i'm super pumped for my trip I decided to take this fun photo. I've almost read this guide cover to cover now and it just makes me more and more excited to go!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 70

Emily - I got my haircut today. When I get it cut I love how perfect and doll-like my hair is after it's cut. So i decided to take a picture of the ends but accidentally took one upside down, but it turned out to be the best one :)

Jeanine - "Deck Chair"

Woke up this morning to a ton of unexpected snow.  It was a beautiful winter wonderland.  So glad I'm getting out of here though.    Hopefully, the deck chair I sit in next week won't be covered in snow!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 69

Jeanine - "The Dining Room"
We went to the Grand Theatre tonight for a one-night-only show called The Dining Room.   The play featured local "celebrities" playing each role - with each scene portraying the different people who frequent the dining room and the different conversations that take place there and the different eras it survived.  The proceeds from the evening went to support the theatre's Make a Difference Campaign that provides programs and services to introduce young people to the magic of live theatre.  What a show!  What a theatre!
Emily - This weeks prompt is about patterns and she suggests taking pictures of wall paper. so with my brand new funky wall paper, this is the perfect prompt for me.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 68

Emily - Get me out of here!

Jeanine - "Picture Inspiration Inspired Selfie"

Please pardon another self-portrait, but I've been dying to try this - take a photo on your cell phone and then take a photo of you holding you.  The background shot of me didn't turn out as well as the  photos taken by some of my classmates in Picture Inspiration - but they sure inspired me to try.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 67

Emily - Happy Pancake Tuesday everybody! Mmmmm... I love pancakes! I made pancakes for the first time today, it went.... ok haha :p

Jeanine - "Morning Commute"

Still thinking about the rhythm of my day for the on line photography class.  Snapped this on the way downtown to work this morning...ah, the beauty of a point and shoot camera.  Stuck my arm out the window and took a few shots.  Tried to process it so that it evoked a bit of feeling...like the hum drum routine of the morning commute.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 66

Jeanine - "Focus"
This week's prompt was rhythm...the pattern of light/shade or alternating colours.  I posted a photo there already, but I have spent the rest of the week looking for rhythm/pattern. I had no idea what to photograph today - I took photos of the courtroom,  river,  Bay blanket, and of other random things but nothing moved me.  Then I came across the dartboard I decided to practice focus.  I took this one and another one that puts the focus on the bullseye.

Emily - Signed up for the class my mom is taking today. As she said the prompt this week is rhythm so I headed down to the drum set to take a few photos. This is in between the cymbals.