Quote of the Month - December

There are two people in every photograph: the photographer and the viewer. - Ansel Adams

Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 136

Emily - On mondays I find that you can either mope around and make the worst of it or smile.

Jeanine - "Country Haze"

I drove to Camp Borden today (north of Alliston).   Drove through some gorgeous countryside along the way.  It was pouring rain when I stopped to take this photo, but I was struck by and drawn to the levels of grey light in the distance.


  1. What an amazing photo! So glad you were able to capture this one. The "layers" of color and gray and fog are so lovely!

  2. i have to agree with Deborah here, very nice photo with the gray layers....which make me wonder, do you spell it grey or gray?