Quote of the Month - December

There are two people in every photograph: the photographer and the viewer. - Ansel Adams

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 145

Emily - Since many of my friends are turning sixteen and getting their G1 licenses, I've been helping them study. As I was helping two of my friends study today I came upon this street sign ;)

Jeanine - "Hand on the Wheel"

We have spent a lot of time on the road over the last seven days with Ian doing all of the driving.  God bless him!  It is such a good feeling to let the rhythm of the road lull you to sleep while knowing a strong hand is on the wheel.  Love road trips with him!


  1. i can never fall asleep in the car unless i am VERY tired....i wish i could though...

  2. hopefully there is never a street named after you, you would never stop bragging about it!!!!! :)