Quote of the Month - December

There are two people in every photograph: the photographer and the viewer. - Ansel Adams

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 320

Emily - Books, 5th photo of the bookcase. Hehehe.  How much I can get from a single object. You can't really see the cobwebs that are around the light but trust me... they're there.

Jeanine - "A Clue"

This week my online photography class is focussing on staging vignettes to create an image...as opposed to photographing something that already exists as is.  So this morning when the light was good, I ran outside an set this shot up as a clue to where we are going this weekend.  Ian still doesn't know where we are headed, but he said the other day that he has a guess.  I will let you know if he was right.  Can you guess our destination from this vignette?  Hopefully Ian won't see it before we go...


  1. have fun and looking forward to a few pictures. are those blue boots yours? love.

  2. I'm guessing you are going to Dublin to a Glen Campbell concert on Nov 19th. Maybe Edinburgh on the 20th, but I think Ireland would be my final answer.

    Am I close?

  3. Aw well! I tried... Sounds like a good time was had anyway!