Quote of the Month - December

There are two people in every photograph: the photographer and the viewer. - Ansel Adams

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 260

Emily - So today was Heathers sixteenth birthday party. You'd think I'd put a picture of heather up or of one of the minute to win it games but no... I put up a picture of the wonderful cups Heather had at her party. They're nose cups and they're so funny, we took a picture of everyone with theirs... this one just happens to be the funniest.

Jeanine - "Art in the Park"

I had no idea this sculpture existed in London until today.  It is in the park across the street (York) from Michael's on the Thames - and very much south of the splash pad.  Em and I saw it as we were driving her to the Grand Theatre.  Our class prompt this week is "Hands On" - so I went back and took a few shots. I couldn't find a plaque or anything that would tell me who the artist is or what it is called or when it went up.


  1. we just noticed it last week too. i wonder if it's new? I really liked it and am glad you've captured it on your blog.

  2. HI Ladies, i am loving your photos and stalking your blog! this is my third attempt at comments. so here it goes. this sculpture was installed the week or so before labour day. it has to do with the unions and the memorial to the first tolpuddle unions i think in London. the artists were featured in the free press, a man and a woman that were commissioned to the art. beautiful piece!!! love your photos.

  3. jeanine, i met you at the henry's photo class. i thought i should mention there are two photo walks coming up as well, one is september 25th to fanshawe pioneer village, and the scott kelby world wide photowalk is on october 2nd. for more info go the www.londonphotowalk.ca! hope to see you out...