Quote of the Month - December

There are two people in every photograph: the photographer and the viewer. - Ansel Adams

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 11

Emily - To go with my moms theme of love and hearts, I took a picture of my heart shaped earrings. I love this photo and theses earrings. I only got my ears pierced in November, I was allowed to well before that but I just never wanted to. Then in October I had this sudden urge to get them pierced. I've only been wearing earrings for a few weeks and I already have over 20 pairs. Can you say addicted?

Jeanine - I LOVE COFFEE!  Today's Picture Winter class prompt was to take a photograph that warms my heart.  I was thrilled this morning to discover that a lovely barista at a wonderful cafe in Stratford created a heart in my latte.  What an uplifting way to start my day.  The feeling of that moment stayed with me throughout the day and served to remind me that daily we need to show love in little ways to everyone who crosses our path.


  1. oh, how fun to discover another blogger from picture winter!! are you both on it? or just jeanine? i recognize the latte from today, but not the earrings.

    thanks for your comment on my blog... i've often seen others say what i wanted to say, too. that just means we are all on the same page!. "great minds..." we don't all have to say something different. if anything, it's better that we say some of the same things... it reiterates and reinforces the opinion! when i see someone else say something i was thinking of saying, i just say, "i agree with what {so and so} said..."

    so say what you want... and say what you think... no matter what anyone else is saying! and speaking of saying what you think, i'm gonna say that i think this blog background is WAY cool! love the colors.

    so glad to have found your blog. looks like a neat concept. mom and daughter. i would love to collaborate with my mom. but she is not a photographer. so i collaborate with my twin sister instead... who IS a photographer. we have a blog called "ethereal"

    so nice to meet you! looking forward to more photos of yours on p.w.!

    have a great night.

  2. p.s.

    per your request {and because i wanted to anyway}, i am now following your blog!


  3. one more thing. =)

    i just saw your siskind quote at the top of the blog. i love photography quotes, and i have them throughout my blog side column... i may just have to use this one some time. it's a keeper! i love what it says and how true it is.

  4. glad you enjoyed the latte art & thanks for the photo cards today!