Quote of the Month - December

There are two people in every photograph: the photographer and the viewer. - Ansel Adams

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 8

Emily - I love nail polish, well actually I love the colours the nail polish comes in. I love rainbows and things with lots of colour. Some would say I, myself, am very colourful. My mom always makes a scrapbook page and asks me if I like it and I say "it could use a bit more colour". My room is full of colour, from the bedding all the way to the many things I place on my walls.

Jeanine - This morning I was thinking about how concerned I was that I would miss the feel or texture of a book when I was given my Kindle (I don't).  Then I noticed the "texture" of my hand (read "age") against the soft blanket and the pattern of my comfy chair.  Emily doesn't like this photograph cuz she says my hand looks old.  She's right, but that's ok.


  1. Jeanine, I found your blog through your comment on my photo at Picture Winter. Thanks for the lovely comment. I'm glad I found someone with a point and shoot camera. I've felt really intimidated, but oh, I'm learning so much! I don't even know a thing about photo editing. So mine are straight out of the camera. I think it's wonderful that you and your daughter are doing this together. I love both of your photos and will be following your blog to see more!!

  2. great perspective emily!! (i work in a spa, so we have tons of nail polish!!)
    and jeanine... this is a great shot... i like the contrast of a "smooth digital" tech texture compared with your blanket & chair! very cool.